lundi 6 juillet 2009

Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror (Greg Tate)

Parmi les innombrables hommages à Michael Jackson parus depuis sa mort, signalons celui de Greg Tate dans le Village Voice. Que ces brèves citations vous donnent la curiosité d'aller lire la suite...

"The absolute irony of all the jokes and speculation about Michael trying to turn into a European woman is that after James Brown, his music (and his dancing) represent the epitome—one of the mightiest peaks—of what we call Black Music".
Pour l'illustrer, Greg Tate dit que sa vidéo préférée de Michael Jackson est celle où il se lance dans un a cappella, avec démonstration de beatboxing, lors d'une émission d'Oprah Winfrey...

Demeure l'énigme :
"At what point, we have to wonder, did the line blur for him between Dr. Jacko and Mr. Jackson, between Peter Pan fantasies and predatory behaviors? At what point did the Man in the Mirror turn into Dorian Gray? When did the Warholian creature that Michael created to deflect access to his inner life turn on him and virally rot him from the inside?"

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